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Dear Sarah,
Justin passed his voice test and has been offered a place as a Wakeham chorister at St Olave's -he is over the moon and we are absolutely delighted for him.  Thank you so much for your hard work and help for getting him through the audition.
Best wishes,
Cathy – May 2018

Dear Sarah,

Thanks so much for all your hard work with my daughter over the past few years. Before she came to you she didn’t believe she had a good voice.
You really gave her confidence and helped her through all those auditions.
She starts her Musical Theatre course in Sept but I hope we will still see you from time to time.

Kind Regards
Julie King - July 2016

Dear Sarah,
Just to let you know, Ben passed his vocal test at St Olave’s and has been offered a place in their choir (and the school of course). Thank you so much for preparing him so well – I’m sure it contributed significantly to his success.

 Best wishes TR - July 2016

I cannot recommend Sarah Ince more highly as a singing teacher.  Her approach is unfailingly gentle, positive and encouraging and it is wonderful to see both my girls (aged 10 and 13) growing in confidence with their singing over the past two years.  She prepares them well for their exams and they have always passed with flying colours.  She lets them experience performing in a lovely summer concert for friends and family, but never pressures them to do something that they might feel uncomfortable with.   Neither of them wanted a solo in their first concert this year, but both of them now feel keen to do one next year.  Always smiling and even-tempered, we love Sarah!  

S Read 2015

D really enjoyed his first session so we would be very happy if you could secure his place. Many thanks.
PS.  Thanks to your recommendation he is now in Bromley Boy Singers .

Dear Sarah,
I would just like to thank you for the help and encouragement that you have given to Jamie with his Singing. Jamie's singing and confidence have improved dramatically since he started singing lessons with you.  Your preparation and support for his audition was fantastic and undoubtedly helped him to secure his music scholarship.  He has progressed very quickly, gaining good results in grade IV and V exams.  Jamie always loves coming to his lessons, and his singing has added another dimension to his life.  The boys choir that you recommended him to is superb.  He has sung at many concerts with them and has been given  solo parts.
Thank you again for all your enthusiasm, support and wonderful teaching.
Vikki Williams
Dear Sarah
Just to let you know that my daughter got into Millennium Performing Arts in
Woolwich on the Foundation Course.
Thank you
April 2015

Sarah -
Alleluia, eureka etc,
I have passed my exam 120marks. I have not seen the comments etc but gather I have passed everything!!. Thank you for all your help.
Carole x
March 2015